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At Bayanihan Clinic, we offer a variety of specialty clinic services that go beyond our free primary care services. All of the listed services are free and available to all of our patients. If you are an established patient or simply interested in any of our listed services, please contact by calling us at (916) 234-6773 to learn more about a program or schedule an appointment.

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Dental Services

Our Dental Specialty aims to deliver comprehensive oral healthcare services for our patients and emphasize the importance of oral hygiene. In our Dental Advocacy Program, dental advocates will meet 1-on-1 with patients to gauge their oral health and provide basic oral hygiene advice and resources for dental care accessibility.

Mental Wellness & Psychiatry

Our Mental Wellness & Psychiatry (MWP) specialty aims to provide a safe avenue to address mental health needs for our patients through free psychiatry services, psychotherapy referrals, culturally sensitive care, and education on mental health and well-being. We hope to break the stigma surrounding mental health and raise patient, campus, and community awareness. 

Social Services

Bayanihan Clinic’s Social Services Committee works with patients to find multi-faceted solutions to challenges they may be facing. We aim to connect our patients with social services that address issues including but not limited to food insecurity, affordable housing, health insurance, legal services, & domestic violence services. We encourage understanding among clinic volunteers of how race, gender, and various social factors intersect to impact patients’ health.

Diabetes Empowerment Program

DEP meets with afflicted and at-risk patients to provide personalized and culturally sensitive diabetes education, including collaboration on goals for diet and exercise to better one's health.


Bayanihan Clinic’s Ophthalmology Clinic aims to provide free vision resources to our patients through comprehensive eye exams, educational information brochures, and free VSP vouchers.

Women's Health

Women’s Health provides pap smears and breast exams at our Saturday clinics, as well as free referrals for mammograms.  We also aim to advocate for culturally sensitive outreach and education by hosting mobile mammography events and connecting our patients with resources addressing additional areas of women’s health.

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