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Our Mission

Bayanihan Clinic’s ophthalmology clinic aims to provide free vision resources to our patients through comprehensive eye exams, educational information brochures, and free VSP vouchers. If you are interested in any of our services or have any questions, feel free to contact us at:

VSP Vouchers

What are VSP Vouchers?

VSP Vouchers are given to uninsured patients and they provide for a free comprehensive eye exam and a free pair of glasses from select locations. Keep in mind that these vouchers have an expiration date and restrictions to the type of lens and frame.

How do I obtain a VSP Voucher?

Simply stop by Bayanihan Clinic and indicate interest. After initial assessment, a clinic intern will provide one for you, along with a list of possible doctors you can visit in the Sacramento area. 


Bayanihan Clinic Ophthalmology have Cataract Surgery referrals for patients seeking cataract surgery.

Visual Acuity Tests

Bayanihan Clinic provides free visual acuity exams which are mainly used to determine and measure the sharpness of your vision, but they only represent one aspect of a full eye exam. These tests may indicate whether or not a patient needs to visit an optometrist or recieve a specific treatment. 

Bayanihan Clinic also offers free reading glasses if you know your prescription. Just ask a staff member! 


Vision Brochure

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