Healthy Breast Program

The Healthy Breast Program at Bayanihan Clinic offers free preventative services such as regular cancer screening and culturally sensitive outreach and education of healthy breast awareness 

and other areas of women’s health.

Our Services:

Women’s Clinic

Bayanihan Clinic reserves one Saturday every quarter of the year for Women’s Clinic. Women’s Clinic serves to provide Pap smears and address any other questions regarding women’s health concerns. For more information or the date of our next Women’s Clinic, please visit our clinic or contact us. 


Mammogram Referrals to UC Davis Medical Center

The Healthy Breast Program at Bayanihan Clinic offers free mammogram referrals to the Department of Radiology at the UC Davis Medical Center. With our referral, you will be able to schedule an appointment at any time for mammogram imaging with the UC Davis Medical Center. For more information or to receive a mammogram referral, please visit our clinic or contact us. 


Mobile Mammography

Each year in the spring, Bayanihan Clinic partners with Alinea Medical Imaging to hold an annual Mobile Mammography event. The Mobile Mammography takes place at our clinic and provides thirty to forty patients free mammography screening. For more information or the date of our next mobile mammography, please visit our clinic or contact us.

Informational Brochures

Breast Self-Exam

Birth Control

 Cardiac Arrest vs. Heart Attack


Contact Us:

Referrals to Other Student-Run Clinics

In addition to the services we provide, Bayanihan Clinic works closely with other UC Davis affiliated student-run clinics to provide healthcare to the greater Sacramento population. If you are interested in a referral to another student-run clinic, please visit us or contact us. Listed below are additional women’s health services provided by our partner clinics:

Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic

Saturdays, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM

3647 40th Street, Sacramento, CA 95817

(916) 456-4849

Joan Viteri Memorial Clinic serves to provide healthcare services to the Oak Park community. They provide birth control services such as intrauterine device (IUD) insertions and sexually-transmitted infections (STI) screenings. 

Vietnamese Cancer Awareness, Research, and Education Society (VN CARES)


First Sunday of every month, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM

6341 Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95819

(916) 542-2737,

VN CARES aims to educate the community about cancer awareness and partners with Paul Hom Asian Clinic to provide monthly cancer screening clinics. Here are the following cancer screening services they provide for women along with the recommended age to start routine screening:

  • Breast Cancer (40 years or older)

  • Cervical Cancer (21 to 65 years)

  • Colorectal Cancer (50 years or older)

  • Liver Cancer (any age)

Paul Hom Asian Clinic

Saturdays, 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM

6341 Folsom Boulevard, Sacramento, CA 95819

(916) 736-3966,

Paul Hom Asian Clinic serves the underserved, uninsured Asian population of Sacramento to provide free primary care services. The women’s health services they provide include:

  • Gynecological exams

  • Pregnancy tests

  • Pap smears

  • Mammogram screening

About Us

The Healthy Breast Program was established in 2012 by a group of Bayanihan Clinic interns who realized the importance of breast health in our community. The Filipinx community, when in comparison to other Asian groups, are more likely to be affected by breast cancer because they are often diagnosed at later stages and are unaware of the necessity to perform self-examinations and be regularly screened. Our goal is to provide culturally sensitive outreach and education of healthy breast awareness and other areas of women’s health.