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Social Services

Our Mission

Bayanihan Clinic’s Social Services Committee works with patients to find multi-faceted solutions to challenges they may be facing. We aim to connect our patients with social services that address issues including but not limited to food insecurity, affordable housing, health insurance, legal services, & domestic violence services. We encourage understanding among clinic volunteers of how race, gender, and various social factors intersect to impact patients’ health.

Prescription Savings Program

Bayanihan Social Services provides our patients the option to get savings on their prescriptions through coupons and a savings card provided by GoodRx. If you are a patient and want prescription savings, please reach out to us or refer to the sections below.

Prescription Savings Coupons

GoodRx Coupons provides a one-time discount for most prescription medications across many major pharmacies. Coupons can be generated to fit your specific prescription and pharmacy to maximize your savings.

Prescription Savings Card

The GoodRx Card is a free prescription savings card that provides discounts for many medications at most pharmacies. A card can be mailed out to you by filling out your information at the link below. 

Needs Assessment

Bayanihan Social Services provides patients with different resources to help address their needs beyond the services of our General Clinic. The challenges that we address include health insurance, food insecurity, housing, finances, work, personal wellness, clothing, legal services, transportation, and much more. You have the option to either meet with us during your General Clinic appointment or have a separate appointment with our Social Services team.

Social Services Consultation

A consultation is a short 15-minute meeting during your General Clinic appointment that addresses your most critical needs.

Social Services Appointment

An appointment is a dedicated 30-minute Social Services patient interview that comprehensively goes over all of your needs. 

Application Assistance 

Bayanihan Social Services helps patients apply for different state benefits programs such as MediCal and CalFresh online. We provide a laptop to fill out the application, scanners to upload patient documents, and answer any questions related to the application process. Patients are required to complete a consultation or appointment to determine if they are eligible for this program.

Bayanihan Clinic does not provide insurance, we assist patients with applying for insurance and other benefits programs

Social Services Clinic Information

Hours of Operation

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM


3030 Explorer Drive, Sacramento, CA 95827

Schedule an Appointment with us Today


Phone Number: (916) 833-1112

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