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At Bayanihan Clinic, we offer a variety of specialty clinic services that go beyond our free primary care services. All of the listed services are free and available to all of our patients. If you are an established patient or simply interested in any of our listed services, please contact by calling us at (916) 833-1112 to learn more about a program or schedule an appointment.

Diabetes Empowerment Program (DEP)

The Diabetes Empowerment Program aims to provide one-on-one personalized and culturally sensitive diabetes education to at-risk and afflicted patients by empowering them to manage their diabetes and equipping them with the knowledge and support to do so.

Healthy Breast Program

We provide free mammogram screening referrals and services at our Saturday clinic or annual mobile mammography events. We also provide patient education on how to do a self-examination to check for any breast abnormalities.

Pharmacy Savings

Pharmacy Savings helps assist patients in applying for free/subsidized medications, provide savings cards for uninsured patients to alleviate medication costs, and refer patients to most cost-effective pharmacies to fill prescriptions.

Vision Services

Our Vision Committee can provide you with a voucher for you to get a free comprehensive eye exam and a free pair of glasses. If you are interested in general eye health, we are also able to perform visual acuity tests to check your vision and give you more information about common issues people may have with their eyes.

Wellness Services

The Wellness Program aims to provide patients with an avenue to address mental health needs. We believe that health is more than physical pain, and that ongoing stressors in life may also greatly affect one’s health. Our psychiatrists work to help patients interested in mental health services find the best treatment options. Our Wellness Ambassadors are also available to provide patients with education on overall mental health and wellbeing, whether that is in regards to yourself or a loved one.

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